new year spruce up: sample blog post- botanica

new year spruce up

With the arrival of the new year, many of you may be on the hunt for ways to redesign up your space. Start with these three easy tips to change the scenery and energize your home!

As the cold weather starts to settle in, it becomes hard to want to get on your feet and get going. Some innovative storage, extra lighting, and sparks of color could help!  Head into 2017 with an newly revitalized space that makes it easier for you to work and check those things off your new year’s resolutions list!

Simplified Storage

Simplified Storage
Simplified Storage
Simplified Storage

If you’re looking for a way to declutter your kitchen, this one’s for you! A leftover woven basket from the holiday season will work just as well as a multi-tier metal stand to hold kitchen supplies and herbs for cooking. Milk crates of varying sizes can also accommodate all of your spices, fruit, and cutting boards. These are easy, affordable ways to store and display your kitchen goods.The neutral colors make it easy on the eyes and match will almost anything.

Bright Lights

Bright Lights
Bright Lights

String lights and candles can help liven up a space, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Try hanging string lights with different sized bulbs to customize the mood of the room. Candles can serve dual purpose in the room of your choice. Pairing them with some greenery and glassware can add a simple, yet effective lighting and decoration piece. Above, it is shown in a simple arrangement that can be used year round with seasonal flowers and such.

Pops of Color

                                                         Pops of Color                                         Pops of Color

Starting off the year with a clean slate is as easy as using neutral tone color palette and adding pops of color as you go. Colors like white, tan, grey, and light blues help set a calm tone in the room. Smooth wood and thick woven materials are also good for this too. House plants, bold patterned tapestries, bright pillows, and colorful pictures add energy in the room without it overwhelming it. Below are some examples of rooms using this technique, but it’s up to you to choose a combination to work for you!

Room 1                             Room 2                             Room 3                              Room 4

What was your favorite idea for this new year? Think you’ll try any of these in your own space? Let us know by commenting down below!

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SF/ Tiburon: (late) recap

It took me a while, but well here I am. My SF recap will now include thoughts that have been sitting in my head for a little over a month now.

Now, I am not an SF native by any means. That being said, I’m also no stranger to the diamond in the rough, beauty of the city. I come from LA so something about the big city feel sits well with me. The difference between the cities being the way nature finds its way into the streets.


It’s just such a cool contrast of the soft green and the rustic vibe of the metal and bricks.

Block, after block, after block, there’s something new to observe. To you Nor Cal people, I must seem like a typical tourist. Well guess what?? …I am!

There is no denying that every time I’m here, I take hundreds of photos just trying to capture the essence of the place I dream of being, like every weekend.

This summer, my family and I came down after two days of moving me into my new place up at UC Davis. That was a show of it’s on (post to come).

For the last few years we’ve gone to SF as a vacation stop and we do the typical touristy stuff. The Golden Gate bridge, Coit Tower, Trolley Bus rides, crab by the pier. This time around my mom wanted to visit some place new.


Cue… *Tiburon* (aka the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited)!

Seriously, this place was in like a bubble of beauty. It was extremely peaceful, perfect breezy weather, and super friendly people (just like any other place in Nor Cal).


The rocks in the part of the pier were kind enough to serve as a tripod for us. So it made for some pretty cute family pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also got some practice with my camera. (Actually it’s my mom’s old Nikon and I figured I would get some practice with it before purchasing my own.) Anyways, the little city set itself up for some good shots. With my sister serving as a good model as well (see first shot with horse head poles).


The shops here were things I had only seen on Tumblr or cute pictures on Pinterest. My little sratty heart went thump, thump when I saw vineyard vines, lol.

Overall, it was a very peaceful trip. A good way to say goodbye to my family. It’s always nice to have good memories, especially since I won’t be back home until December.


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but my goal is once a week so we’ll see how that goes. I hope you enjoyed this little slice of my life, until  next time.

avec amour,

emma xx

Jitters (& not from coffee)


A year ago I was a nervous wreck in the time leading up to my first year. A majority of the summer was shaky because I doubted that the school I chose was in fact the school for me. I’m the oldest, so I only knew what my older friends told me and whatever I gathered from you tube videos. (Lol)

But once I got to campus and I was moved in, things were actually really good. I didn’t know it then, but from the minute my parents drove away in the empty mini van, I was about to start the best year of my life.

My dorm was actually really nice. I switched up the decorations every once in a while. But the picture above was one day I was really feeling how it looked. Although when I rushed and got my bug, my wall overflowed with everything sorority.

I knew what nature looked like. Well, at least an arboretum on the edge of campus. Coming from LA I really don’t do outdoorsy things. Not out of choice but it’s not exactly a five minute drive and well I never really made time for it. On campus, finally having a little escape made finals week a lot easier. It was soothing to be able to go out there and just nap. Aka relax.

I tried new things. Like really out of my comfort zone. I rowed and coxed for my first two quarters because it just wasn’t for me. But oh my goodness it was a beautiful sport and the sunrises were even more beautiful. The courage I got from this lead me to some pretty great things.

Ahhhh, the farmers market. Favorite place to be on Saturdays and Wednesdays. I basically come here for free samples and the apple juice. Occasionally I will stick around long enough to watch the performances or dog watch.

(Also I think that’s my International Agricultural Development teacher from winter quarter in the pictute. What can i say? College town probs.)


Fast forward a year and here I am, t-minus 2 days until I make the trek back up north into my new apartments with some of my closest friends. I have literally looked forward to living in my own place for forever and I know it’s going to be a fun journey.

And so now that I feel nervous I look back at these moments, I feel dumb for thinking I won’t get back into the rhythm of things. Sure I’ll probably get homesick at some point, but I won’t let that stop me from the excitement I know I’ll feel. Apple juice, greek life, and opportunities await so I can’t waste time worrying. It’s going to be a great year, I already know it. Just gotta get through the teary eyed goodbyes with the fam ya know?

A v e c   a m o u r,

Emma x x